Our Methods

Gymnastic Movement is Complex

It’s a challenge to take something as complex as gymnastic movement and make it simple to teach and learn. Even our most basic skills can require a high degree of power, coordination and balance.


Relax… good things take time! Advanced skills rely on the foundation of technically-correct basic ones, as a front flip requires the proper understanding of a forward roll. All of our programs begin with curricula planned with a set of skills that progress in an increasing order of difficulty.


We teach by “reverse engineering” –– by breaking skills down into manageable parts, and then practicing those parts until a required level of mastery is attained before putting them back together. Training this way produces sound technique, a stronger future and reduces risk of injury.

Never Stop Moving™

Never Stop Moving is what we call the method we use to get it done. Watch as class members make their way through circuits with the following carefully designed parts:




Never Stop Moving is our way of helping you get the most of your training. It’s also a lifetime philosophy of fitness and attitude we encourage our members to develop and maintain!


Paper Dolls™

Our training is rooted in the science of biomechanics. We’ve developed a system called Paper Dolls that details what it takes to maximize each and every movement we teach at Flipshack. We then use technology to provide video feedback to help our members understand what they’re doing right and what they need to work on.


Movement to Advanced Classes and Competitive Teams

Evaluation of skill level occurs on an ongoing basis. We keep a watchful eye each week on our members, looking for those who have satisfied the necessary technical requirements to advance to higher level programs.