Building Smart Bodies

Flipshack goes beyond gymnastics.

It's about supercharging your ability to move, elevating your confidence and developing an attitude that never stops growing. 

At Flipshack, we have fun building smart bodies and strong spirits that can do great things.


You guys are better than the grandmas when it comes to calling on their birthdays!

– Jacquie

Flipshack echoes our mission for health and fitness.

– Star Fit Kids

I want to first say how awesome this year at Flipshack has been for Patrick and for us. Your faculty had fun with him and their caring really showed. I know sometimes he was goofy and too preoccupied with Spider Man, but you guys took it in stride and made that hour of his week something he looked forward to. Thank you all so much.

– Jason

Shack Buzz


Parents’ Night Out

Drop the kids off for a night of fun with trampolines, a bounce house, slackline and more! Pizza is provided, too!

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Fun Comp!

Show off your gymnastics! All Level 2 Classic or Fuzion girls are eligible.

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We’ll be closing at 5:30 so our members and staff can enjoy the holiday. Makeups for Tumbling and Urban Gym classes will take place at their regular times on Saturday, November 8. Have fun!


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