Building Smart Bodies

Flipshack goes beyond gymnastics.

It's about supercharging your ability to move, elevating your confidence and developing an attitude that never stops growing. 

At Flipshack, we have fun building smart bodies and strong spirits that can do great things.


We like that your teaching is technical.

— Brian

You are interested in all of the kids which is a blessing. I love your enthusiasm, encouragement and energy.

— Teressa

Thank you for donating to our Alice in Wonderland school play. We really appreciate it!

– Norah & Shannon

Shack Buzz


Morning Classes are Closed

Starting at noon, we’ll be operating as usual!


Happy Turkey Day!

We’re closed on Thanksgiving, but open as usual otherwise!


Peak Holiday Emporium

Join us Saturday and Sunday at the City Auditorium for holiday fun benefiting Life Without Lupus!

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