Building Smart Bodies

Flipshack goes beyond gymnastics.

It's about supercharging your ability to move, elevating your confidence and developing an attitude that never stops growing. 

At Flipshack, we have fun building smart bodies and strong spirits that can do great things.


We sincerely thank you for your generosity!

– Broadmoor Elementary

Thank you for your invaluable contribution in promoting health and wellness among our Soldiers and families.

— Melanie, Ft. Carson Health Fair

Best birthday party ever!

— Elijah

Shack Buzz


Annual Parkour Jam

Join Tranquil Movement to inspire Colorado Springs to never stop moving while supporting National Breast Cancer Foundation. A week of events beginning July 22 includes a Fun Comp at Flipshack, a big comp at Acacia Park and a concert featuring the Flobots!

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Parents’ Night Out

Drop the kids off for a night of fun with trampolines, a bounce house, slackline and more! Pizza is provided, too!

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